WebMSX 5.1 available now in your favourite browser

  • WebMSX 5.1 has been released. (hier auch die "Standalone Version fuer den Brwoser daheim und Offline)

    WebMSX, or simply WMSX, is a new cross platform MSX emulator designed for the Web.

    WebMSX is great for displaying MSX software running inside webpages. You can launch the emulator and load ROMs,

    DSK and CAS images with a single link.

    Join friends in multiplayer games or pair programming sessions with the new NetPlay! function.

    Please go to https://webmsx.org to enjoy it online!

    New in Version 5.1

    • OPL4 Wave Sound (no FM yet)
    • Double PSG Extension
    • Master Volume control
    • PSG/SCC/OPLL Stereo simulation
    • PSG/SCC/OPLL Volume and Panning control (global or for each channel)