Gaelco Speed Up

  • Greetings,

    I have a board from the arcade "Speed Up" (checked by its reference), from Spanish manufacturer Gaelco. The board seems to contain the EPROMs with the game and its graphics, as well seven custom ICs and what I think it is a Jamma connector (I am not entirely sure because I am not used to arcade hardware).


    The board was made in 1997 and seems to be in good shape but it is only part of the assembly and therefore the system is incomplete. Other than the cabinet what's missing is the board with the CPU (according to my sources, a 68k). Being that incomplete and missing hardware and experience related to arcades, it is offered as untested.

    The price I'm asking is estimated from the cost of some its components, which uncludes four 96-pin connectors: 35€. As the weight of the packaging is aprox. 558g, transport to any country from the EU would be done by the Spanish mail system Correos (13,20€ ordinary; 17,20€ certified).


    Condition: apparently undamaged, untested

    Price: 35€

    Transport: Correos, 13,20€ (ordinary) / 17,20€ (certified); source (page 5).

    If there is any doubt, don't hesitate to ask.



    When I tried to list all retro systems I have at home, the "The message is too long, must be under 500 characters" error appears! :lol: