Strange APPLE II Card !?

  • Hello everyone,

    today I finally got the APPLE IIe I had bought. Inside among the other cards (Super serial card, 80 columns, etc.) there was this card that I could not understand what type of card it is. On the pcb there is written A CONTROLLER ADAPTER and the connector is a 20 pins. Anyone know what kind of card it is and what it can do? Documentation?. Thanks everyone for the help.

  • For me it look like a floppy controller card. But before plugging in an Apple Disk Drive, I recommend to check the voltage level at the connector. If power and GND are on the correct pins, the probaility is high that my guess is corrrect.

    Greetings, Jochen

  • I am quite certain it is not a Disc Controller Card!

    It misses the parts for the WOZ state machine, and as a Disc Controller it would have connectors for 2 drives.

  • > I am quite certain it is not a Disc Controller Card!

    Full ACK!

    This strange ground screw, the additional capacitors and the type of label on EPROM makes me guess that its a card for some custom made hardware.

    If you are very interested you could check if the EPROM contains firmware and if yes, check out the firmware ID bytes (see…otes/misc/tn.misc.08.html). This way you could at least clarify if the card is supposed to connect some character device ($Cn05 = $38), some mass storage device ($Cn05 = $20) or - what I guess - something completely different and doesn't care at all about firmware ID bytes.

  • Thanks for the answers, it arrived without cable, I have doubts that it is a printer controller because there is already a parallel Grappler + printer card with cable. There is also a super serial card and a floppy disk interface 1 and 2 with two floppy disk drives. I will try to read the eprom to understand which device was originally connected. On the eprom, "Cgate 4-16-82" is handwritten on the label.