Translator needed for Adventure game

  • Hello everyone, and happy new year.

    I'm Targhan from the CPC french group Arkos. I've been working for three years, along with SuperSylvestre and Grim on the graphics side, on a huge adventure game, and it is now reaching completion. The principle is very simple : you move your cursor on your screen, select an object, and select one of the possible actions you can do to it (open, use, take, ...). So it uses a simple yet effective interface.

    The game itself takes place in the future, in a derelict scientific spaceship, that you were forced to board after your shuttle wrecked... Something went wrong here, and the only way to survive is to repair your ship, and get the hell out of here. The game is really, really huge, it uses the full 800kb of a 3"5, or two 3" disks, with more than 40 screens in a kind of 'cinemascope' format (horizontal screen resizing).

    I will make a more official annoucement when the beta test begins (around March), but we want to have a release in four languages. Right now only the french texts are written. I've found someone to translate the game in Spanish. English and German translators are still needed. Hence this thread.

    I must warn you : there are a lot of texts. Just for the game, about 200kb (ascii). So accepting the job is not a decision to be taken lightly. Since we seek the quality of a commercial game, no grammatical error are tolerated, and though the game ambiance is dark and horrific, the texts are funny, full of dark humour. So I need someone who has an excellent knowledge of german, but who can also understand french or english very well, depending from which language you can translate.

    Don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Contact me by email, it will be easier. My address : targhan -at- cpcscene -dot- com

    Thanks for reading !
    Julien Nevo aka Targhan/Arkos.

  • Hi Targhan,
    well, I guess the problem is that the french of the germans is not good enough to do that. Maybe it would be possible to translate the english version to german? That would lower the barrier to do it :).
    I would do it, but as I already can see, I won't have much time to do it this year :(.

  • I followed the thread at CPCZone. There I recognized that it would be difficult to match the quality requirements. On one hand since I can´t translate from the original language (french), on the other hand since - due to a lack of time - I would probably not be able to do the whole job. If it´s finally an acceptable solution for you to translate from english into german and a team of translators can be formed I would be prepared to participate.

  • Hi,

    I knew no one could translate from french to german, so I actually expected someone to translate from english to german. From what I read so far, the english translation is very good, so the translation to german should be potentially good too.

    I'd like to have one 'main' translator to german, and if possible another one that would read the translations, check for typos, errors, make sure everything's in order (he would compare with the english translation too).

    Anyone ? :)

  • Hi Targhan,

    I am very interested in this!
    So there is 200KB of text to be translated? As you want to have the game as a beta in march, we have about 2 monthes for doing the complete translation work?
    In any way I am interested in doing this job, IF it's possible to translate it from english to german (unfortunately I had latin instead of french at school, which was quite stupid). Do you still have my email?


  • Well, if there is interest I can re-read the translation to look for any mistakes made during the translation. You often don't see obvious mistakes if you are the author of an text / sourcecode :).

    Prodatron: Ha, Latin is great I use it every day ;-)... Ok, ok, I have to admit it would have been much better to learn french instead of Latin. I did the same mistake.

  • Hi !

    Thanks a lot for your answers. Prodatron, I'm definitely interested in your offer. However, don't worry, we have more than 2 months to translate. Tthe translation to English has begun, and will probably take 3 months. There is one text files per level, so each time one is translated to English, I can send it to you.

    The french release is due to Summer, and I expect the other releases (English, Spanish, German) to be release a bit after. To be honest I didn't expect to find any translators :). So that's good news.

    Octoate, I'm also interested in your offer. I really need someone to read the text, correct the typos, and tell us if you understood what the hell happens in the game :).

    I don't have any of your emails right now, so please contact me at targhan at or contact at

    Thanks !
    Julien aka Targhan/Arkos.

  • Hy, my girlfriend is from Leyon in France and she have studied Translation (or whatever the right name is in english). She is a native france speaker, so is think she isnt interested in doing the whole thing (She will cut me in half for that) but i can manage that she will read it, can help with the translation an can correct it afterwards...

    So bye for now

  • Prodatron : received and answered !

    Tolkin. Thanks for your offer.

    However, since Octoate is german, I think he would perhaps fit better. Also, I prefer to involve someone who is 'inside' the cpc-scene, if you know what I mean, so that he/she fells more involved in the project. But if she REALLY want to error-proof the text, I won't prevent that :).

    Thanks !