AES (Lanier) 103 (aka Beaugrand Alphatext)

  • PhilA , that's great, glad you made it.

    In the meantime I found a manual in english language. If you want I can scan it sometime. It is however so that the control commands (letters for function selection) in the English variant is different to the German. Since you have the German operating system, this probably won't help you at first. How does it behave with the keyboard layout ? Some keys might be assigned incorrectly due to the different keyboard layouts.

    Hopefully you will get the US version of the operating system someday.

    I will take any data relating to the machine if it is available. I have the German version of the manual but my German is quite poor (aka I can't speak German at all...) so the rudiments of operation are quite difficult to understand. However, the way it works, even if the FUNC+key assignment is different, will be useful to understand.

    The key assignment is as you'd expect, DIN. I'm not used to the QWERTZ layout and a few of the keys are accent modifiers as you expect to find.

    I keep looking for people who possibly may have a copy- now that Fluxcopy is a thing, recreation of the discs is possible. I have hope that I'll find some.

    Until then it is nice to be able to type at all, though the most common message the machine gives me is FEHLER. Go figure.

  • Tortured the scanner in the office this morning.

    As already mentioned, the operation is the same in principle, only the command shortcuts are different depending on the language version.

    For example, in the German version of the disk/file commands, the letter "S" ("Speichere" in German, which means to save) is used to save the pages. In the EN-US-FR version "M" ("Memorize") is used for this.

    The command "S" has a completely different function in the EN-US version, I think it stands for "Sort".

    But there are also command letters which are the same in the versions, e.g. "R" for "Recall" ("RUFE AB" in German) or "I" for "Index".

  • FLUXCOPY says it made a good copy; I have SUCCESS! after writing the image. I used the top drive from the computer, so the alignment is good.

    However, attempting to read the disk back gives INDEX: FEHLER so it's not writing properly.

    C:\Users\phil\Desktop\FLUXCOPY>"FLUXCOPY 090 - Test.exe" /c='10' /d='1' /i='48'/f='00' /t='39' /p='S' /s='S /M='1,SHUGART,5.25,DD,39,1,1000,25,50,50,75' /M='2,SHUGART,5.25,DD,39,1,1000,25,50,50,75'

    That's what I'm invoking FLUXCOPY with - I think that's correct parameters?

  • Hi Phil,

    "Success" after writing is no warranty that the data have been written correctly.

    Please reread the written disk with FLUXCOPY and then make a dump with FLUXDUMP. FLUXDUMP tells you, if the disk has errors (checksum). If there are no errors found by FLUXDUMP it is a good base for testing on original system. But it is possible that there are errors on the original system, though no errors detected by FLUXCOPY and vice versa. There is a little difference between decoding the data and there is more or less tolerance for errors.

    FLUXCOPY parameters are looking good.

    If your send me a FLX-image of the original and of the copy, then I can analyse it.

    (When rereading, set the number of retries to 1. This saves space.)

  • Quote

    I ran it again and saw that it wrote the last 3 tracks against the stop. Looks like the magnetic head was not on Track 0 to start.

    FLUXCOPY recalibrates to track 0 only for one time at power on. Then it calculates the actual position relative to the last position. Only when return to track 0 (sensor), it compares to the internal (calculated) position. If the head will be moved to another track (without FLUXCOPY), FLUXCOPY calculates a wrong position.

  • Did you use this Image ?:

    RE: AES (Lanier) 103 (aka Beaugrand Alphatext)

    Please delete the last 5 Tracks (35-39) in the Textdisk-Image Folder of this provided Image. They´re empty and useless. I read this in a 40T drive and forgot to limit the tracks.

    Or you can specify Track 0-34 only in Fluxcopy. Then only the first 35 are written.

    The Shugart SA400 is designed for 35 T only, that may cause the "head bump" if you try to write more than 35 Tracks in this drive.

    C:\Users\phil\Desktop\FLUXCOPY>"FLUXCOPY 090 - Test.exe" /c='10' /d='1' /i='48'/f='00' /t='39' /p='S' /s='S /M='1,SHUGART,5.25,DD,39,1,1000,25,50,50,75' /M='2,SHUGART,5.25,DD,39,1,1000,25,50,50,75'