Elektor EC-68 (or sometime EC-6809)

  • Good evening all,

    I apologize for english writing but I cant in german... even living at 40 km of the Rhine...:wacko:

    In its No. 100 of October 1986 Elektor published schematics for a computer called EC-68 (and also in 'Elektor Computing 3' in 1985 in english and dutch).

    I have all these archives.

    It fits on two europe boards :

    - uc + ram
    - video (6845) + floppy interface (WDC 1770).

    I have the project to rebuild one so I am looking for:

    - a correct picture of the copper side of the video / floppy card (this view was not given in the articles) and possibly of the other three sides as well,
    - the ESS540, ESS541 and ESS542 eprom images,

    These eprom images are also listed on txt files located on the system floppy provided at that time.

    Elektor say they have not keep any archives from that time...

    ESS541 is Assist09 from Motorola (may be adapted ?) which is always available on the internet and ESS542 is a characters generator (I suspect same or very near the one used into Elektor VDU board which I have running two Juniors) so only ESS540 is a real problem.

    About the pcb and without any other solution there will be 'new' made in Kicad starting from the schematics...

    If anybody has information, listings, floppies etc... about this system please take contact.

    The companies selling the Flex os for this system at that time was located in Germany and as far I can see one is always in business so may be...

    Thank you all for your help.


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