Philips P5040

  • Hi I'm new here, somebody in another forum told me to register here because maybe here somebody knows something about this computer.

    Some time ago I've found two word-processing computers, both are Z80 based, and until now they were stored. A Philips P5040, without the monitor and keyboard, seems to boot because it beeps after trying to read from floppy drives. The display interface seems to be proprietary, it is DB9 but on the only CGA monitor I have it doesn't work, and the keyboard has a 5-pin DIM connector, but I guess it's proprietary too.

    And a board from a word processor computer made by Nixdorf computers that I don't know anything about, it was in very bad condition, the CRT was broken, and the case was broken, so I could only save the board.

    Somebody has the pin-outs for the monitor and the keyboard connectors?, so I can test if the Philips is really working at least, if it can work with something I have of course.

  • The Nixdorf board is the main logic board of the Nixdorf DAP 4 Terminal.

    The power supply and the CRT electronics of the terminal reside in a unit at the back of the terminal.

  • Perfect, thank you very much, it's a little more information than I had. I think the Nixdordf motherboard can only be used for parts. And the P5040, it doesn't seem very useful without a monitor or keyboard either, thanks to the link to the P5040 for sale I know they weren't standard at all, and as far as I can find out, not even the floppy drive is compatible with anything else. So it will also go for parts. After all, they have been gathering dust for quite some time.

    The Z80 can always be spare parts for my CPCs.

    Thanks again.