HUMONGOUS and SIG/M Restoration


    Betreff: *HUMONGOUS* 10th Anniversary and SIG/M Restoration

    Datum: Thu, 7 Apr 2022 05:05:12 -0700 (PDT)

    Von: Nathanael <>

    Newsgruppen: comp.os.cpm

    Completely escaped my notice, but last September was *HUMONGOUS*’s 10th Anniversary.

    I’ve finally completed my clean up of the SIG/M disks. I focused on four things: complete, clean, uncorrupted, and "original”.

    None of the known sources had all volumes; many of the filenames were corrupted; and several hundred files didn’t match their CRCs.

    I’ve cleaned out all of the accretions (e.g., WILDCAT.BBS), restored "illegal" characters in filenames, and fixed all but a handful of the CRC problems.

    My goal was to produce something as close to "original" as possible.

    The collection is available in LRB, ARK and IBM-3740 disk image formats at http://cpmarchives.classiccmp.…tware%2FUserGroups%2FSIGM.

    I’ve encapsulated everything into a BASH shell script which is available at

    Have a look there if you’re interested in all the details, or you can run the script to recreate everything yourself.

    Nathanael, gHUMONGOUS* CP/M Archives.