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    Just to end this discussion about the CPU, here's one of the pictures that I still have before I cleaned the CPU, ROM's and sockets:

    That looks like 1977 to me.

    And if that's not good enough, then I have a spare '78 Synertek 6502 on stock as well.

    Thanks so much for your valuable comment.

    The Apple Disk II floppy drive came available in the second half of 1978. The one included is a slightly later model, probably from '79, but still quite an early drive with the multi color cable and the controller must also be from the same year or so with the tin contacts (instead of gold).

    The monitor is from ca. 1985. I like the green phosphor screen, for me it just makes it look more attractive than a black/white monitor.

    My Apple II is equipped with 48K and indeed 32K was added later. Memory was very expensive back then. I have the price list and you'll be shocked when you see what it once cost in Dutch 'guldens'. In fact, 16K was quite a lot of memory for a home computer in the late 70's.

    You wrote: ''there are no original memory select blocks in your sale''. That's right and I have just edited my sales description. I initially thought that they were covers on top of the memory select blocks, but what I have seem to be aftermarket memory blocks in sockets. The good news is that I do have spare original Apple II memory select blocks. The new owner will get them for free if desired, together with some other spare parts.

    The Synertek 6502 is really from 1977 (I believe week 32). The silkscreened text on the cpu is just very fragile after all these years and wipes off very easily if you start cleaning the pins of the cpu. I'm not going to discuss this, I will bring the new owner in contact with the first owner, to proof that it is the original cpu. Yes I have seen some revision 0 system boards with a ceramic cpu, but they might have even lower serial numbers (and of course there are many boards in existence with 'donor parts').

    I am very honest in my description of this computer and I know the first owner. This Apple II is not 100% perfect and it's certainly not a new computer. But when was the last time that any of you have seen a perfect 40 year old Apple II revision 0 for sale? I can't remember it.

    Overall my Apple II is one of the finest and earliest examples still in existence. Furthermore the new owner gets a lot of additional original documentation, software and hardware. Yes, there are some 'ventless case models' in existence, but you're going to have an extremely hard time finding a 100% original working one for sale and if you do find one, then it will cost you new car money as well.

    The € 16,384.00 (symbolic for 16K of RAM) that I ask for it is well worth it. With the current trend of rising classic computer prices you'll regret over 5-10 years that you didn't buy this one. Yes, I know I'm a salesman, but mark my words :prof: :saint: :P (this is not my first Apple II and I have many years of experience trading computers like these).

    I am the seller of this Apple II.

    Thank you for your comments and free advertising (good or bad, I don't mind).

    The price is non-negotiable and is certainly not a laugh. In fact, I don't mind keeping this computer and taking it off the market.

    All information can be found on my website. It is not just another Apple II.

    Indeed, if you just want a random Apple II, then you can find many less costly options.

    By the way, just compare mine with this one and draw your own conclusions:…149df5:g:rfMAAOSwLnBXVEkx

    I've actually sold another working Apple II, but a later revision 4, about 2 years ago, and it got sold for a substantial amount of money. And if you do a bit of research on the web, then you can find reports of early Apple II computers, sold (some) years ago, also for substantial sums of money.

    The Synertek 6502 CPU is also from 1977. I have cleaned the CPU, ROM's and sockets before testing (with special non-conductive contact spray), because the pins of the chips become dirty over time (not just dust, but sticky carbon residue / oxidation). Unfortunately the silkscreened text on the cpu seems to wear off very quickly (learnt my lesson and didn't touch it anymore..). It is extremely special to have an Apple II with all 1977 date code basic chips inside.

    Back in the 70's when this computer was sold, there simply was no Apple monitor yet available. Apple's first monitor is the Monitor III, which was sold together with the later Apple III. Even an Apple Disk II floppy drive wasn't available yet. People just used a tv set and a cassette recorder: Although there were some 3rd party monitors available in the 70's, finding a working one is a problem these days. I actually think the included Philips monitor fits the set pretty well.