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    Thank you for the info! I've glanced through your collection but I have to take a better look when I have more time. I will surely try to write some disks. I will buy the V24 adapter first. Also will take a deeper look at the MOS. Will report back when I proceed.

    You're collection is gold! This is the nameplate I suppose?


    I recently got hold of this Triumph Adler Alphatronic P2 stored in my parents cellar for over thirty years. I remember learning some BASIC and even playing an ASCII driving game with it as a child.

    [Blocked Image:]

    It powered up immediately but there was nothing on the screen. I have no previous experience with vintage computers, or computers of any kind, just some basic knowledge about electronics. Lurked here a while and started troubleshooting by checking voltages on the motherboard. There was no +12V present. Started to remove cards one by one and after removing the CAAC01 memory card I got the beep and this text on the screen on the startup:

    RESET 4001 4000


    $1976 4010 40EF

    So memory seemed to be the problem. I pulled out all the blue 10uf 16V caps from it. One was dead (unfortunately I'm not sure which one). Replaced them all with new 10uf 25V caps and now the machine is working with all of the cards installed and I get this text on the screen:

    RESET 4001 4000


    $1976 4010 FFEF

    I suppose the memory is working now?

    I don't know if the floppy drives are working because I don't have any disks to test them.

    But I'm very happy that is working now. I couldn't have done it without this forum so I thought to drop by just to say thank you!