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    My first prototypes have arrived!

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    The power supply is now feed through a custom connector from the backplane.

    After some checks it worked as expected. However, some seconds after mechanization of the custom connector, my dremmel-like tool started with an awful performance…
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    Replied to the thread Unveiling my second project.
    Hello Jaume,

    that's a well-known dealer for electronic components - right?
    (Quote from jlopez)

    Link from your dealer?
    Too bad that you do not get so much trouble for some components to the project.
    In my area there are no shops - usually you get only…
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    Yesterday I bought most of the parts needed for building a pair of the prototypes. I failed to acquire most of the required resistor networks, and other crucial components such as FIFOs and memories for another project. Harting 96-pin could only get…
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    It's been a long time...

    I've done a more exhaustive research and I've drawn parts not expected before into the project. It now doesn't follow the previously shown schematics. Its overall structure resembles that of a MC-16, but every channel behaves…