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    overCLK : Could you monitor the states of both /RD and /WR at the same time while testing?

    According to the docs, /PCS is used to inform the controller that a request was made, initiating the proper cycle. Assuming /PCS is low, cases are as follows:

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    I took a look into the 8203 datasheet and found this interesting excerp:

    (Quote from 8203 datasheet, section 2-3)

    In other words, if pin 35 is not grounded it should behave as a 8202. So, it's the same as with the video card using 5027 or 5037.
    Maybe they…
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    It is known that there are some variations of memory cards in the alphaTronic P2, P2S, P2U, P3 TA computers.
    With a practical troubleshooting - it is very difficult with other USER memory configurations.
    Currently - we will hopefully eliminate its memory…
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    (Quote from netmercer)

    Don't let you down so easily, sir.
    Intel 8203 has more modes than 8202 but according to the pinouts they don't seem to be that incompatible.
    If not using the new modes, I imagine it could be even considered as a compatible…
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    Sorry, I am late
    (Quote from gpospi)

    In case for the P3, that's not always true. In my case my P3's 48K board and the 16k share signals through slot C. I don't have the documents I made right now but I recall the data bus to the memories to be…