Retrogaming DVD

  • Phosphor Dot Fossils: The Brown Box DVD set
    Based on’s award-winning online museum of classic arcade, computer and home video games, the Phosphor Dot Fossils Brown Box DVD collection is a six-hour crash course in the history of electronic entertainment.
    See The Games In Action

    Actual video clips of dozens of games in action, from 1971’s “Computer Space” through the dawn of the NES era, accompanied by fascinating game-by-game historical notes. A detailed menu system lets you search year-by-year to jump directly to whichever game you want to see. It’s a “video book” and a celebration of the sights and sounds of video gaming’s history all in one.
    Vintage Commercials

    This will be the first time you’ve ever been happy to see advertisements on a DVD. Though some of these have been seen as part of previous commercial compilations on VHS, hundreds of hours have been spent on restoring the sound and video to the best quality possible to these gems of pure ’80s bliss, many of which haven’t been seen in over 25 years.
    Rare Hardware, Iconic Controllers

    From the Magnavox Odyssey’s light gun to the Atari 2600 joystick to Intellivision’s keypads to the Famicom D-pad controllers, see how keeping your fingers on the pulse of the game has evolved. Also glimpse rare hardware such as Adventurevision, Puppy Pong and the pre-2600 Atari console that never hit the stores, along with long-lost specimens of video game toys and memorabilia.

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