• Chase AT 16+ EISA Karte - aus dem Bestand der FH Rosenheim.

    Wie abgebildet.

    10 Euro VB + Versandkosten. Gerne auch persönliche Abholung.

  • ISA nicht EISA ... ;):

    "The Chase AT4/AT8/AT8+/AT16+ are a family of intelligent I/O expansion cards which work in combination with any AT/ISA ( Industry Standard Architecture ) bus 286 / 386 / 486 based personal computers allowing up to 64 terminals to be connected to the host. The Chase AT family of cards has been designed to support these additional terminals without degrading the performance of the main system processor. The Chase I/O solutions provide a fast, cost effective and proven way of providing true multi-user performance for end users, OEM's and computer manufacturers alike. Typical applications include word processing, office automation, point-of-sale, data acquisition and industrial control systems in fact anywhere that there is a requirement for high performance serial I/O."