Need a monitor or rgb to vga/scart converter

  • Hello,

    I have been keeping an eye out for a suitable monitor for my Alphatronic PC (matmos here in UK) as I have an external RF module.. but the picture is bad..

    So looking at the RGB connector pins: 1 - 12v, 2 GND, 3 BSTCLK, 4 HSYNC, 5 VSYNC, 6 Red, 7 Green and 8 Blue

    So trying to match a CRT is getting harder to find, especially with H/VSync's. So is there a converter on the market that would change it to SCART / VGA / Composite?

  • Hi! I actually designed and made a board that does just this - my first ever PCB! It'll convert the signal from the Matmos/Alphatronic (and the Fujitsu FM-7 and FM-8) and output SCART. Drop me a line - I think I have all the bits to make one here.

    Cheers, Tony