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    The rules of the board

    Remember that behind every other user there is just another human being. Please be respectful and regardful. Please think before you post!

    Humor and sarcasm are developed very differently in every person. Thus we ask to write sarcastic and humorous article in a way that it can easily be understood how it is meant. You could use well known, easy to understand emoticons ("smilies") or comments.

    Written words should always be read twice before being sent. One should consider if the article can be understood by everybody. On the other side the one reading the article should not be offended personally since most of the times it isn't meant meanly.

    A long article doesn't make it any better. Write short and get to the point quickly.

    Using copyright protected material and sources shall be avoided. Questions or demands for illegal software pirating or other illegal actions are strictly prohibited!

    Please note that we do not take responsibility for the content in the board. We reserve the right to delete articles without the need for commenting on this (i.e. racist, pornographic or insulting articles). Every author is responsible for oneself for the articles and private messages.

    Please use English only in this board.

    Multiple accounts are only meant to disguise and confuse and are not allowed at all! If this happens all accounts of this user will be deleted.

    Illegal offers (i.e. indicated PC/console games, pirated copies, x-rated movies) are stricliy prohibited and will be deleted with no comment given. Please do not offer things like that to make life easier for our moderators.

    Advertisements which do not match the board situation will be deleted or altered and are not allowed generally.

    Repeated violations of our rules will be punished according to the discretion of the administrators and moderators. This can be everything from a warning to a ban.

    The email address which is needed to open and approve an account is only used to approve the account and maybe to send a new password or for features of the board but will not be shared with others.

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