Alphatronic PC won't read/boot from floppy

  • Hello,

    I have had an Alphatronic PC for a while now (well, actually 2 of them, but one isn't currently functioning as that is another story). The computer itself boots, all keys work, and I can type a small basic program and run it. I have two F1 Floppy Drives with the appropriate cables that I can't for the life of me, get the computer to boot from.

    I have sunk countless hours racking my brain on it, scouring the internet, to no avail. I dug threw a ton of threads on this forum and am at a loss for what is going on.

    All info I have gathered is that the computer should auto boot from the F1 drive if a valid CP/M disk is in the drive. I have original disks and ones I made from .IMD files on an older IBM AT clone.

    I've messed with the drive jumpers to see if I could get anything to happen before putting them back to stock. The drive itself has been verified as working when I connected it to a PC as it's just a regular Teac 360K drive, so I know it isn't a drive issue. All voltages have been checked and are stable and correct on both the computer, floppy drive, and controller board itself from the internal power supplies.

    What happens when I switch the floppy on followed by the computer is a blank screen, continuous drive motor and a dim LED that flashes in a steady pattern. Almost reminds me of Amiga computers where they are always active and waiting for a disk.

    I assume that if the computer does not see a disk in the drive, it would just boot to the internal BASIC or give me some indication of there being no disk. I can't imagine having a drive connected to a computer where I have to constantly disconnect it each time I want to use the computer's internal BASIC.

    This happens regardless of the F1 unit I have connected to the computer, and regardless of the cable I use. The activity is exactly the same. I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions! Thanks!

  • Hello Reynold,

    Where are you based as I have been trying to get hold of original disks and looking for more information on how to create some or even a person willing to create a set of disks. Also details of the drive for any imaging software.

    Because I have a floppy that seems to be very basic (CP/M Runtime) - can start CP/M but limited programs on it.


    Alan (UK)