AIM/65 & Compañía Electrónica de Técnicas Aplicadas, S.A. Documents

  • Greetings,

    About two years ago I rescued an old AIM/65 with its original documents and many papers. Recently I took a look at those papers and found some interesting information. Comelta not only imported and distributed the AIM/65 in Spain: over time their "expansions" for it became part of a stand-alone computer mounted in a backplane. Prior to the release of "Drac-1" ("Dragon-1" in Catalan), they called it CR-System and apparently its boards were sold apart. While some of the boards are known, I found more board references which can help in making a more comprehensive list. I also found some prices and a release date for some of the boards. My backplane pinout document is slightly different from the only other source I found (mine has a battery supply line). Additionally it is also headlined with "Development Laboratory".

    Unfortunately, there are no schematics but simple descriptions for many of the boards. I uploaded the scans here.



    When I tried to list all retro systems I have at home, the "The message is too long, must be under 500 characters" error appears! :lol: