MAI Basic Four S10

  • found an old thread created in 2012 by do9brx regarding a MAI Basic Four S10 that he was not able to get up and running.

    I have such system as well, see Pictures from my S10.

    The machine was manufactured by Direct Inc (Direct model OA1000) and sold by MAI Basic Four.

    There were 3 different releases of that machine and each machine requires different CP/M and BB/M versions:

    Phase 1A Hardware (also called original Phase)

    Serial Numbers xx 00001 to xx 9999, Note xx = 2 alphabetical characters that changed monthly. Uses BB/M level 9.0 or 9.1.

    Phase 1B Hardware (also called new style Phase)

    Serial Numbers CE 401000 to 499999. Uses BB/M level 9.0B, 9.1B, or 9.2A.

    Phase 2 Hardware

    Serial Numbers CE 500000 to CE 599999. Uses BB/M level 9.2B or 9.2D.

    My machine (at least from the serial numbers, dont know if the boards are the original ones) is a Phase 2. But it could be that i have a floppy controller board from 1B.

    Anyone having such a machine or having CP/M or BB/M bootdisks that i could try ? I would like to test other BB/M versions or want to compare the disk controller with a working one to make sure i have the correct version.