Web-Empfehlung: Aztec C Webseite aztecmuseum.ca

  • Hidiho!

    war gerade dabei nach Doku für den Aztec C Compiler (nicht zu verwechseln mit dem gleichnamigen Spiel) zu suchen, als ich über diese Webseite gestolpert bin:

    www.aztecmuseum.ca :announce:

    Jede Menge zu Aztec C wurde da zusammengetragen.

    Auszug aus der Intro-Seite:

    Was ich mir definitiv noch angucken werde ist die SHELL.SYSTEM fuer ProDOS.

    Auszug aus dem README dazu:


    These diskimages and the other contents of this ZIP file were produced as a mini-project of sorts to explore the use of both SHELL programs which provide a decidedly UNIX-like flavour to the Apple II. Not only are many of the UNIX commands supported, but also each SHELL has its own unique strengths, some which I will mention now.

    The ProDOS SHELL.SYSTEM uses paths to navigate, and further the SHELL has a resident and transient portion that is similar to what one would have expected back in the MS-DOS days of TSR programs. If you don't know about those, suffice to say that the ProDOS SHELL unloads itself to run external programs and reloads itself when done (in most cases).

    Another important feature of the ProDOS SHELL.SYSTEM is that since it can be copied to the RAM disk on an Apple //e it will load itself back- in from RAM leaving the 2 disk drives open for program and data disks.

    Na, wenn das nicht mal interessant klingt... :thumbup:

    -- Klaus