PiTubeDirect (RPi als CoPro zum Acorn BBC) Kernel selbst kompilieren :)

  • Fuehlt sich "irgendwie" cool an:
    Ich kompiliere gerade mit einem ARM Cross-Compiler in einer Ubuntu bash-Shell unter Windows 10 (AMD64) einen Kernel fuer einen Raspberry Pi (ARM), der mit dem Kernel als Multi--CPU-CoProzessor (PiTubeDirect = 65C02, Z80, 80286) fuer einen Acorn BBC Master mit eigener 6502-CPU dient.

    Wer hat es verstanden? :-)


  • Ich hab's verstanden. :) Dabei ist das nur eine neue Version einer alten Idee. Die Entwicklungsumgebung für die ersten ARM-CPUs war natürlich ein BBC. Die Architektur des BBC hat da Einbinden von fremden CPUs ja perfekt implementiert. Wenn man jetzt einen Raspberry Pi in den BBC einbaut, ist das eigentlich "Back to the roots" und zu 100% im Sinne der Erfinder. ;)

  • Dabei ist das nur eine neue Version einer alten Idee. Die Entwicklungsumgebung für die ersten ARM-CPUs war natürlich ein BBC.


    The Tube interface allowed Acorn to use BBC Micros with ARM CPUs as software development machines when creating the Acorn Archimedes. This resulted in the ARM development kit for the BBC Micro in 1986, priced at around £4000.[29] From 2006 a kit with an ARM7TDMI CPU running at 64 MHz, with as much as 64 MB of RAM, was released for the BBC Micro and Master, using the Tube interface to upgrade the old 8-bit micros into 32-bit RISC machines.[30] Among the software that operated on the Tube were an enhanced version of the Elite video game (see below) and a computer-aided design system that required a second 6502 CPU and a 5-dimensional joystick named a "Bitstik"[1].

  • http://stardot.org.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11325&sid=24cf93063623366f350e12ee353ba8db&start=480#p158822

    Hi Guys,

    It's been a while in coming, but here is a new release of PiTubeDirect, called the "Anaconda" release:

    65C02 Co Processor (Co Pro 0) now runs at 274MHz
    65C02 Co Processor (Co Pro 0/1) has access to 1MB of bank switched RAM
    65C02 Co Processor (Co Pro 0/1) includes Dormann test suite (CALL &3400)
    new 6809 Co Processor (Co Pro 9)
    native ARM Co Processor (Co Pro 15)
    common config.txt file for all Pi Models
    improved build process
    complete release package (including firmware and debug kernels)
    build version/hardware information visible in REM statement in SPHERE test program
    32016 Co Processor fix to flags in add and sub
    Null Co Processor now supports Co Processor Switching (i.e. *FX 151,230,N)
    Improved power-on boot behaviour
    Over the coming days we'll try to update the documentation on the Wiki.

    One of the big changes here is that a single release package support almost (*) all the different Pi Models with a common config file.

    To deploy the release, unzip PiTubeDirect_Anaconda.zip and copy all the files/folders onto your SD card. This could just be a blank FAT32 formatted SD card - no existing distribution is needed any more.


    (*) If you have a Pi 1 Model A/B rev 2.0 or Pi 1 Model A+/B+ you will need to make one change to config.txt, see that file for details. The original Pi 1 Model B rev 1.0 will work without any changes.

    As always, feedback welcome!

    Dave + Ed + Dominic